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Elyse Berman, PA
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Elyse is a rare agent who is a cross between your mom and your best friend. She'll find the home your looking for in incredibly rapid time, and then walk you through everything including getting the very best price. An absolutely excellent agent. Just to add -- I have a large dog, and a primary concern was finding a home where the HOA would allow this. This is a speciality of Elyse -- and I doubt I would have found my home without her.
Jon G.


May 2017

As I shared in my previous review of June 2016, Elyse and I have known each other since 2014.  At that time, we had relocated from NY to Florida, and she helped us find a wonderful house to rent.

Having lived in Boca Raton for almost three years, and become familiar with the different communities, my husband and I had very specific criteria of the home we wanted to purchase.  We were looking for a home in one of two communities where homes seldom come up for sale.  The house had to have 4 bedrooms, at least 2 bathrooms, more than 2000 square feet, a pool and an open lay-out.  I was set on finding a home where I could see straight through to the pool when I walked in the door.  Tall order, I know.

Luckily, not for Elyse!  She did it!  Over the course of three years, she was relentless in her search until she found our dream home!  From contract to closing, Elyse guided us through the process.  Issues came up, as they inevitably do, and Elyse's expertise proved invaluable to resolving them and moving the process along.  Whether you are selling or buying a house, there is no one else I would recommend.  Elyse will exceed your expectations!

Thank you so very much for everything!!!  Could not have done it without you!

Marti and Patrick O.


March 2017

I'm so grateful to have had Elyse as my realtor. Elyse is knowledgeable, professional and extremely helpful.  She made the process of finding my first home very enjoyable. If you're looking for a realtor, look no further. Elyse is very personable and will make your experience of finding your dream home very unique and enjoyable.

Jen Tetelle Jeudi


February 2017

If you are looking to live in south Florida...stop right here!  We sold our house in NY with the hopes of finding our dream retirement home here. There are way to many realtors here. I find that to be successful and achieve your goals you need to surround yourself with people that are smarter than you, especially when you know nothing of the topic. We knew what we liked and didn't like but had no clue where to start. Thus us where Elyse helped us to achieve our goal. She listened & learned about our lifestyle and pointed us in the right direction. On day 1 we found our new home. We have been here 4 years and couldn't be happier. I hope you are as fortunate as we were and if you consult Elyse I am sure you will be. Happy hunting!!

Gwen Krakower Silver


Dear Elyse,

I don't know how to thank you for coming into my life at a very important time. "Looking for a House" was most difficult. Could not find the right Realtor, since some were difficult for me to approach or they were not interested.

I seriously needed help and you were there for me.  You worked so hard to let me know we were going to find the exact home I was looking for. I sincerely had so much faith in you and knew your professional knowledge and manner would get me exactly what I was looking for.

I love my house, and have recommended you to both friends & coworkers. I enjoyed working with you, and then to know more of you on a personal level, since we spent so much time together. 

I highly recommend you as a "Realtor" since it is so difficult to know someone in that business to actually work for you.  I am very grateful for all you did to make this lovely "Villa" possible.

Thank you once again.  I look forward to seeing you soon!

Best Wishes,

Helene B. V.


June 2016

I contacted Elyse in February 2014 to help us locate a house to rent in anticipation of our relocation from New York. She was so generous with her time and her knowledge of the Palm Beach County market. We have two dogs and a cat. I knew it would be challenging to identify a home that would allow pets. Throughout a period of four months, Elyse and I were in constant communication about available rentals. Finally, in July 2014 we identified a house rental in the area we wanted to live in, that is spacious, has a pool and accommodates our pets, and our family! Now almost two years later, we are looking to purchase a home in the area. Elyse, has been diligent and relentless in helping us with our search. She is knowledgeable, personable and possesses unmatched integrity. I have no doubt that with Elyse's help and expertise, we will soon find our dream home! I highly recommend Elyse to anyone looking to rent or to purchase a house! She is a consummate professional!



April 2016

Since we were relocating from Pennsylvania, Elyse was invaluable as my representative in purchasing our home in Delray Beach. She answered all our questions and helped buying our house an easy transaction. We are still in touch and she is always ready to answer my questions and guide me in the right direction. I highly recommend her, she's a pleasure to work with.

Diane Paul


August 2014

Elyse Berman is, without any doubt, one of the finest Real Estate Agents I have ever dealt with professionally, as a Justice and attorney, and personally as a Buyer and Seller of one family real estate.  She is knowledgeable, accomodating and always has fully researched the Market.  She is courteous, patient and always professional.  She was and is a pleasure to deal with.  She makes the entire process less stressful.



February 2016 

Elyse Berman is a dedicated professional who takes the time to understand her clients' needs and works tirelessly to meet their goals.  She knows her market and shares her expertise which was a real plus coming from out of state.  Elyse's sincerity and positive attitude helped us to find the house of our dreams.

Carol and Arthur Rubin


October 2015

My wife and I first contacted Elyse when her name came up during an internet search for pet friendly communities in Boca Raton as she herself is a long time pet owner. Initially, we asked her help for a seasonal rental with 2 small dogs. She said that it would be very challenging due to the many restrictions most of the communities have regarding the amount of pets, size and breed. However, she was kind enough to make some recommendations and we started our search. After a couple of months of searching for seasonal rentals that would allow 2 dogs, we realized there were just too many complications and restrictions, especially being out of state residents.  Since it was really important to us at this point in our lives to spend more time in Florida with our dogs, we decided to use Elyse's many years of experience and expertise in the Boca/Delray area to help us purchase a second home in a pet friendly community.

We had some very specific requirements regarding location, size of the home and community amenities. It didn't take long for Elyse to help us zero in on two communities which fit most of our needs and ultimately, we chose the very intimate and pet friendly community of Santa Barbara, ideally located in central Boca. We just closed on our new home 10/29/2015. During every step of the process in finding the right home for us, Elyse was always extremely knowledgeable, professional and readily available to us by phone or email. As a court stenographer in her previous career, she is meticulous in every detail. She listened to our concerns about different properties and locations but would never push us in one direction or the other, leaving it up to us to make the final decisions.

In closing, we would highly recommend Elyse as someone honest and trustworthy to help you with your real estate needs. If you're a pet owner looking to purchase in Palm Beach County, then you really must contact her!

Scott & Jamie Rothman


The Internet is a nice aid when looking for an out-of-state home.  However, it does not replace the skills and knowledge of a dedicated professional realtor like Elyse Berman.  My husband and I are very fortunate to have found this devoted pet lover during one of our unenlightened Internet searches.  We were unaware that many communities do not allow pets at all, limit pet numbers to one or two, or even reject certain breeds.  Having three small dogs greatly reduced the number of houses available to us.  Elyse is a pro at matching pet owners with the perfect commuhity and home for their unique situation.  

It was reassuring to see how well prepared Elyse was every day.  Every house and community we saw would work for us with few deletions to our "wants" list.  Also, Elyse has an innate ability for understanding what clients want/need.  We thougt we wanted an established home, but our facial reactions and comments said otherwise to Elyse after walking thorough homes we requested to see.  Hindsight, we are elated that Elyse thew in a new construction complex to view.  This pet-friendly community finally made two opposite thinking spouses agree that this was the "one" for our future.  It took less than a total of one week of viewing houses to "hit the jackpot" with our soon-to-be home.

Elyse's level of professioanalism, knowledge and warmth is the ultimate.  What a world of difference she makes!  She graciously continues to answer phone calls to help former clients with a vast range of requests for needed information/suggestions.  That is going above and beyond the sale.  She is 100% polished professinal and a "constant giver" friend to all fortunate to find her when relocating.

I cannot imagine being as thrilled with any other Realtor.

Barbara Nabe


Mar 2015

Elyse was fantastic from start to finish.  She did a great job of putting together the MLS listing with effective photos, descriptions and positive features of the house and community.  Once listed, she conducted about 14 showings in a very short time, one of which resulted in an offer and eventual purchase.  Elyse's follow up throughout the process was fabulous, keeping everything on track and making sure that we did what we needed to do to move things along and meet our timeframe for closing.  She understood the area and I believe presented us with good comparable sales that allowed us to price the property correctly.  I would highly recommend her as a Realtor.

Barry D Hahn


Last month, I had 24 hours to call "my own."  So, I opted to get on a plane and spend it with a woman who had the reputation of being one of the most well-versed real estate representatives in the Delray/Highland Beach area.  To my delight, I met the woman who is now the reason behind my warm weather wonder of a rental, the future Realtor to a purchase when and if it should arise and my friend.  Elyse Beran is the woman, the Realtor and the friend.

My flight and stay in Florida were seamless.  Elyse took me to see everything available which met my "wishlist" and had a time line, which made teh process a pleasurable one.  Her own experiences, having relocated from the New York area and become a Southern Florida resident, were priceless in the process.  Elyse was, and remains, a communicator in real time with me and with other agents/managers involved in the real estate market.  She is confident without being aggressive.  She is timely while being able to give extra time and care in cases requiring flexibility.

I would highly recommend Elyse Berman for any rental or purchase in the Greater Boca Raton area.  In fact, I have already done so with a friend in New York!

Jo Rosenfeld


I can not say enough about how professional Elyse is and the personal attention she gave me and my family in that I had major problems for one year selling my home and Elyse stayed with me not knowing when and if I would buy a home with her , She is a smart and compassionate person that I would recommend to anyone who wants a realtor who really cares about their client even after verbal or signed agreement through and after a sale. The year it took me to sell my home I met quite a few agents and no one can come near to what Elyse does,

So let me and my family go on record and thank you Elyse for your true support and putting us in a home that we love P.S. After we looked at 50 different ones. thank you.

Joseph solomon and Family


Feedback Form

When my husband and I decided to relocate to Florida, we were naturally anxious and concerned as to where we would be happiest.  Along with what home we would choose, we were confused as to what location in Florida would best suit our tastes and interests.

Fortunately, we were connected to the perfect realtor to suit our needs.  Elyse Berman was not only terrific in finding the perfect home for us; she was terrific in introducing and orientating us to the lovely area of Delray Beach.

Naturally we were concerned before we met Elyse that she might be like some of the other realtors we had encountered, concerned primarily with closing the deal.  Her first priority from the moment she met us was making us absolutely happy about the choices we were offered.  There was virtually no pressure on her part to hurry us.  On several occasions she would encourage us to take our time and consider all options.  We never felt compelled to rush in to anything with her as our guide and mentor.

Elyse has an amazing ability to make you feel like you are not just a client.  She offered negatives and positives about the homes we toured with her, and pointed out factors that she felt would impact us the most.  There was never a time we felt we weren't on "the same team" so to speak.

The countless hours, days and months she worked with us is a testament to her loyalty and personal interest in her clients.  Even when we were unsure as to following through with our dream, she never applied pressure or lost her patience with us.  She took her time and continued to be available whenever we needed her.

In closing, I know for a fact that if we weren't lucky enough to have met Elyse, we would still be in Cleveland Ohio, ready to face yet another cold, grey blustery winter.  We will forever be grateful that she put forth so much hard work to find us the perfect home that we are simply thrilled about.

We have grown to love her as a person with integrity and a pleasant, caring personality.


Bob and Cindy 


October 26, 2011



December 2012


My husband and I moved to the Boca-Delray area from the Chicago area with two adult children and an elderly dog.  We knew nothing about the area, nor the extensive restrictions for people who have pets.  Elyse helped us tremendously.  She took the time to know us and quickly figured out what we wanted in a home – actually much better than we knew ourselves!  She was patient as we sold our home up North, showing us homes in the types of neighborhoods we’d feel comfortable in.  Elyse was on top of everything from putting in our offer to finding the right bank to finance, and everything in between.  The closing process was a dream.  Now that we’ve closed on our home, I consider Elyse my first true friend inSouth Florida.  I would recommend her unconditionally – I can’t say enough good things about her. Elyse Berman is a true professional and a realty gem. 


Anne and Phil

October 2013


My husband and I have bought and sold houses around the world.  We just recently did so in Florida.  Elyse was recommended by a friend in Los Angeles, and from the first time we met I knew she was a professional.  I might add that we had met a few other agents before choosing her.

When an experienced professional takes charge of your home you feel support, understanding and safety.  Every detail was dealt with in advance of any possible problem.  Elyse was calm and in charge throughout the experience.

Her consideratin of our home and belongings was kind and sensitive.  We never felt any negativism or impatience. She had a steady hand in dealing with prospective buyers and agents involved.  

We were not in Florida during any of the negotiations and always felt that Elyse had our interests completely covered.  The sale was fast and fastidious.  All documents correct, and she always went above and beyond her professional limits.  

I have never enjoyed this experience as much and never felt so well looked after.  Thank you, Elyse, for a job extremely well done.




Thank you so much for your guidance, patience and efficiency during this new experience of buying our first home.

Kim, Jacek, Reese


March 2013


I found Elyse's website online when I started my search for pet-friendly properties inthe Boca Raton area.  I sent her an email and had an immediate phone call from her.  From that moment until we closed, she ws there for me every step of the way.  In fact, she's still there helping me out.  I had many questions, explain the process, and get me through it all.

She is excellent in every way:  professional, real estate skills, recommendations to other professionals, i.e., mortgage brokers, lawyers, home inspectors, getting things done on a very timely basis, hand holding, kind, caring and wanting to do all she can to help you find the perfect property.  She was not only my realtor, she was my advocate.

I highly recommend Elyse whether you are looking for a pet-friendly property or not.  She is the best!



February 2013


Elyse helped my wife and I to not only sell our ouse but buy it as well.  She is an absolute professional and I would do work with her for an real estate transactions I will ever have in the South Florida area.




February 2013


We had the good fortune of working with elyse to purchase our last residence as well as sell it when the time came.  Elyse was our top choice the second time around due to our flawless and smooth process with her the first time around.  In my opinion, her best assets to a buyer/seller are:

# 1 - Timely response - almost instantly in most cases

# 2 - Knowledge - of the process, the area and of people

# 3 - Dedication - with a "do what it takes" kind of attitude

# 4 - Connection to clients - a genuine desire to help you find a home that will make you happy.  And an ability to empathize and ease your mind during this naturally stressful process.

# 5 - Class act professional - someone you want to do business with and you want to represent you.  Respectful, ethical, upfront interactions, knowledgeable and courteous.  In addition, Elyse is obviously a lover of animals, especially dogs!  

Elyse is someone you can place your confidence in and I give her my highest recommendation.  Best of luck!

Kind regards,





Elyse was recommended to us by Margaret Rome.  Elyse sold our Mom's condo in West Palm Beach (We live in Greensboro NC.)  She was so helpful in the sale and even made recommendations as to how we could donate the furniture.  She is the ultimate professional.




March 2010


In March 2009, my husband and I began our search on the Internet for houses in Florida.  We were living in Toronto and reviewed many listings via Internet.  As well, we spoke with several Real Estate agents on the phone.  After speaking with many agents, my husband and I chose Elyse Berman. 

From the beginning I knew Elyse had the passion and drive to find us the perfect house.  For three months, Elyse sent us listings to view that fit our criteria.  After constructing a list of properties, we came to Florida to see them.  Unfortunately, the properties that I felt were suitable were, in actual fact, disappointing.

Elyse, with her expertise, showed us a property that I had failed to put on my 'short list.'  She insisted we see the property as she was sure it was exactly what we were looking for.  The minute I walked through the door, it was 100% perfect.  Thanks to Elyse Berman, her dedication, expertise and hard work we were able to find our absolute dream home.

It is difficult to find your dream home, especially when you are looking from afar.  Elyse was there every step of the way.  Nothing felt confusing, overwhelming or intimidating, even dealing with issues from a distance.  I felt completely comfortable dealing with Elyse.  

Elyse is dedicated to ensure she finds the perfect home for her clients.  She is not happy until her clients are happy.

Pam & Dan 


Hi Elyse,

Thank you so much for all your hard work in helping make this purchase as easy as possible.  You are great!  Have a good trip.




Dear Elyse,

I apologize for taking so long to send you this letter of appreciation.  When I gave serious thought about moving to Florida last year, I started by searching the web lke many others do.  I however had the good fortune of looking at a listing you had posted on your company website.  I say good fortune because although I did not purchase the listed property, I found a truly professional real estate agent who would wind up finding us our dream home.  Performing a search for a home in Florida from NYC was a bit scary until we connected with you.  After we placed ourselves in your hands, it was down hill from there.

As a 30 year veteran of real estate, I feel I am qualified to say that you are among a select group of Realtors who possess all the qualities a potential purchaser or seller could hope for.  You listened to our wants, needs and wishes before starting your search for our next home.  Every listing you sent was of interest to us never wasting our time on homes that did not fit the criteria.

Your communications were always clear and concise and on point.  We received updates from you on almost a daily basis during our three-month search.   Based on your advice, I only found it necessary to travel to Florida twice before finding our dream home.  During the process you were very efficient in setting up home visits for us, avoiding any waste of time in order to make the most of our trips.

On the second day of my second trip, you told me you had come across what you thought was a beautiful home that fit all our desires.  You advised me beforehand that it was above our budget but felt that it was the house we were looking for.  How right you were.  As soon as we walked in the door of the house, we knew it was to be our next home.  From that point forward you skillfully and successfully negotiated for a price that made our home not a good deal but rather a great deal.

We have been living in our new home for six months now and we love it.  We owe a debt of gratitude to you for your hard work and tenacity.  If ever we can return the favor, please let us know.

Best regards,

Jeffrey & Vivian


December 2010

Dear Elyse,

Dan and I would like to thank you for all of your help in finding our home in Boynton Beach, Florida.  We think you are a great realtor and we would highly recommend you to anyone that we know who would like to puchase a home.  You had a lot of patience with us and we appreciate all your effort and hard work finding our dream home.  We also appreciate all your hard work and time that you put into it.  We feel you went above and beyond for us.

Again we would like to thank you and hope we can keep in touch as friends.


Dan & Theresa 


August 2011

Dear Elyse,

We are writing you this letter today to truly 'thank you' for helping us buy our home in Delray Beach, FL.  We found you to be pleasant, knowledgeable, professional, very hard working and VERY patient!  As our time was limited and we were under a strict deadline to purchase a dwelling, we appreciate all the time that you devoted to our search.

Without your expertise, we might not have found a home and we would still be looking!  Your E-mails in regards to lawyers, inspectors, insurance agents, etc. were invaluable.

If anyone would like a recommendation from us, please feel free to have them contact us.  You made our buying experience a pleasure.  Thank you again.

Lois & Vic


August 2011

I was looking for a condo in Florida when I saw Elyse's website.  I e-mailed her with specific needs including a pet-friendly community.  I asked her if she was able to meet these needs.  We spoke many times on the phone prior to coming to Florida.  I knew immediately that she listened and understood me.  I really felt a connection. 

The end result was my dream came true.  She is truely am empathic person who treats her customers with respect and kindness.  Thank you, Elyse, and I hope we can stay in touch.

Cheryl and Gary



March 2011

Hi Elyse:

Joel and I along with our little Shih Tzu, Chanel, were in our new Villa, settling in for the past 3 weeks. I'm writing this to describe our home-buying experience for you to post for others to see.  I’d want people to know that all along the way you were good natured, bent over backwards to help us, knowledgeable and foremost honest. It's rare for someone selling something to us to be honest.
We learned, after surfing the Internet and talking to people, most adult communities of South Florida don't allow pets. I did however, find a web site of a Real Estate agent that helped people find their "dream home" in a "pet friendly" community. I called the agent and you answered.  I now realize how lucky we were to find you.
We first met you in July 2010 and you immediately got together a list of properties to show us in places that were "pet friendly."  You spent a lot of time with us knowing we may not buy anything.  By chance, we found an adult community in another county that was "pet friendly" and fell in love with their very large Clubhouse. This purchase failed as did a second attempt.
After the disappointments (and a lot of stress) we thought we'd try Delray Beach again and called you. You remembered us.  We told you our tales of woe, and you immediately made appointments to show us some properties the next day.
You are fast!  One reason you’re fast is because you know your business. You know which communities allow pets and you don't have to first search every community to find which ones did.   We were very impressed with the properties you showed us. You were spot-on showing us what we were looking for!
We found a home, but it failed during negotiations. That's when you went into action again and immediately showed us other properties. This helped the terrible feeling of disappointment.
You showed us another property we fell in love with. There was another offer that was accepted on the property, so we went home disappointed.  We told you if the deal falls through to let us know. As luck would have it, the deal fell through, and the seller accepted our offer.
The 10-Day Inspection Period was very stressful for us since we were in NJ and were used to having an attorney write the contract and do everything. Here in Florida, the Real Estate agent fills in the blanks on a state form.  We had little confidence in the Florida home-buying process.
There were a lot of phone calls, texting, emails and faxing. You gave us every possible piece of information and names of professionals we can talk to to reassure us the Florida home-buying process can be trusted, and it works well.
You did a marketing analysis for us to show us what we were buying was a fair price. You gave us names and phone numbers of Attorneys, Insurance companies, Utility companies etc. letting us know what we needed to do. You kept on top of everything.
We closed by phone, email, fax and Certified Overnight mail and wired the money. Again, this was very “foreign” to us.  A week later, we opened the door to our new Villa and we were in love!  Our little dog loved it too!
We would be very happy to do business with you again and recommend you to our friends and family.


Dear Elyse,

I just wanted to say thank you again for helping Mary Beth sell her condo.  You did a great job! 

All the best and a very happy holiday season and a fantastic 2011!!

Jeff O'Leary






Thank you so much for all your kindness and help.  You are the best.


Tony and Barbara 




August 2005

Dear Elyse:

We wanted to take a moment and thank you for helping us both sell our house and buy our new "dream home."  You took what is usually a very stressful time and made it easier.  From start to finish, there wasn't a detail you overlooked making for a very smooth sale and purchase.  We are thrilled we found you to represent us and are so grateful that you never hesitated to go the extra mile.  Not many other Realtors would have worked as hard for us as you have.

Thank you for everything!!!!

Brian and Wendy

P.S.  Rest assured if we ever have to move again, you're the first one we'll call!



I wanted to write this letter to thank you again for helping us find our beautiful vacation home!  Your knowledge of the South Florida real estate market and countless hours of research really paid off.  We really appreciate the fact that you respected our budget and helped us to find the best home value in our price range.  We also want to thank you for your continued service, help and suggestions even after the sale was done.  That means even more to us.  If we can convince any of our friends to buy a vacation home, we will definitely give them your number!  Thanks for everything.


The Tyler Family


To whom it may concern:

This is to inform you that we have gotten to know Ms. Berman over the last year or so while looking for a home for our daughter in Florida. 

Ms. Berman has been very helpful and knowledgeable in almost every aspect of our dealings with her and we highly recommend her services to anyone interested in purchasing a home in this area (Boca Raton and surrounding areas.)


Peter & Mozelle


April 4, 2006


I would like to take this time to thank Elyse Berman for all the time and effort she took to find us a home.


Elyse spent a lot of time emailing and phoning us with information on housing in the south Florida area.  Even during a hurricane that devastated the area, she stayed in touch with us and ensured us she would find us a home.


In November 2005 my wife and I came to south Florida to meet with Elyse and look at houses.  We looked at a lot of houses and neighborhoods before we found a home that we liked.  We bought a home in Davie, FL with the help of Elyse.


Looking back on our experience looking for a home, I don't think we could have done it without the help of Elyse.  Elyse is a true professional and a credit to the real estate market.


Richard and Maria


To:  Elyse Berman, PA